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Statute and By-laws Sub-Committee
Coordinator- Mr. Kedar Paudel

  • Review the statute of JAAN-1990, as and when required
  • Update the By-laws of JAAN-2001 as required.
  • Formulate regulations as necessary.
  • Matters relating to Interpretation and removal of difficulties of the Statute.

Community Development Sub-Committee
Coordinator- Er. Rameshwar Prasad Kalwar

  • Conduct health and social awareness programs.
  • Conduct community based income generation programs.
  • Inform public about the cooperation extended by the Government of Japan.

Health Program Sub-Committee
Coordinator- Mr. Kundan Raj Satyal

  • Regular free health check up for JAAN members, family and local community in JAAN CDC Building, Balkhau.
  • Organize free health camp for general people in underprivileged villages.

Home Stay and Hospitality Sub-Committee
Coordinator – Ms. Biva Kalika Shrestha

  • Manage the Home Stay Program for newly arrived JOCV’s, students and teachers in JAAN member’s home.
  • Familiarization of Nepalese culture, environment and daily life to the participants through JOCV.
  • Welcome and farewell reception to High Dignitaries.
  • Management of all kinds of programs and functions round the year

Library and Documentation Sub-Committee
Coordinator- Mr. Buddhi Narayan Shrestha

  • Developing and running the Library and information collection.
  • Publication of Milan Magazine.
  • Updating JAAN members’ directory and activities.

JAAN Information, language & culture Institute (JILCI) Sub-Committee
Coordinator – Mr. Roshan Bajracharya

  • Management of JILCI.
  • Conducting Japanese Language Classes.
  • Providing Computerized Information Technology.
  • Organize Japanese Cultural Events
  • Exchange of Cultural Troupes between Nepal and Japan
  • Maintain and update JAAN web site.

Orientation Sub-Committee
Coordinator: Mr. Kedar Paudel

  • Management of the Orientation Program.
  • Conduct Orientation classes for the participants, prior to their departure to Japan for JICA Training program under JICA training programs for providing relevant information on the lifestyle, history, culture,
    economy and so on of Japan.
  • Prepare the list of participants who have attendedd the Orientation Program.
  • Coordinate seminars and talk programs

SAARC JICA Alumni Association Forum (JAAFS) Sub-Committee
Coordinator – Mr. Hem Raj Subedi

  • Coordinate and correspond between the members of JAAFS.
  • Any other activities to be conducted by JAAN in fulfilling the objectives of JAAFS
  • Coordinate with governmental Ministries, Departments and Offices.
  • Coordinate with inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations based in Nepal
  • Linkage and cooperation with other partner organizations

Education and Scholarship Sub-Committee
Coordinator – Ms. Goma Devi Poudel

  • Coordinate the Scholarship Program.
  • Mobilize local resource for scholarship.
  • Conduct relevant literacy and education activities.

Specialized Human Resource & Consultancy Sub – Committee
Coordinator – Mr. Sushil Kumar Bhattachan

  • Preparation of classified members’ list with expertise and specialization in various fields.
  • Arrangement of consulting services.
  • Coordinate between JAAN and JICA Nepal Office.

Woman Empowerment and Development Sub-Committee
Coordinator – Dr. Kiran Rupakheti

  • Promote and provide with skills to empower woman for income generating, leadership and other activities
  • Enhance ability of entrepreneurship of women.
  • Gender equality and awareness programs.

Special Board for Consultation

  • JAAN President – Convener.
  • Past Presidents and Vice-presidents
  • Nepal Government’s Present Secretaries (JAAN Member)
  • JAAN Executive Committee Members.