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Chief Representative’s Message

I am very pleased to deliver a congratulatory message for the occasion of issuing the MILAN Magazine of the 49th anniversary, the version 2022, which inscrolls memorable experiences and achievements of activities of the JICA Alumni Association of Nepal, on a yearly basis up to the present. I sincerely express my gratitude for MILAN, which is always taking role as a storyteller of knowledge exchange and development, and fostering Nepal-Japan goodwill among those who acquired technique and knowledge in Japan as JICA training participants since 1973.

It is needless to say that JAAN has a significant associate in Nepal, for Japan International Cooperation Agency, in order to conduct human resource cooperation to Nepal. JICA has around 50 year experiences in its cooperation in Nepal and since then it has implemented in three pillars of development objectives including infrastructures, poverty alleviation and good governance. Recently as a cooperation in human resource development, we have formulated a new cooperation project to create a platform mechanism for Nepali ex-migrant workers, who have huge potential to contribute economic or social development of Nepal by their skill, knowledge and experience acquired in Japan. In extending back in the exchange history between Japan and Nepal in the year 2022 we celebrated the 120th Anniversary of International Student Exchange between Nepal and Japan. On the space, JICA pledges to continue to cooperate in human development cooperation in Nepal for years to come.

While JICA cooperates in human resource development through multifaceted direction in the society for the half of century, JAAN keeps efforts to fructify knowledge and skill gained in Japan in order to give back to socio-economic development of Nepal. The yearly publication of MILAN Magazine is so called record of cooperative exchange between Japan and Nepal, which allows us to follow the overall personnel mapping of JAAN members who help us in exploring human network in the Nepalese society.

I believe that JICA and JAAN are in mutual supplemental relation in human resource development in Nepal and both of us should remain to take a significant role in the development of human resources and enhance human resource toward qualitative higher level.

Lastly, I again congratulate the issue of MILAN Magazine, the compilation of efforts made by JICA’s best partner, JAAN.

Akimitsu OKUBO
Chief Representative
JICA Nepal