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President’s Message

It is a great pleasure for me to come with this message to extend the warmest greetings on the occasion of JAAN’s 45th Annual Function.

Each year is very important in JAAN’s history and the last year 2018 also was not exception. JAAN has published its members professional profile in order to share information among its members to strengthen the JAAN network. I am confident that the publication of the profile will also help all concerned including government of Nepal and Japan, JICA and those who are interested in Nepal-Japan affairs to understand more about JAAN and its achievements especially in developing this alumni as a centre of excellence for exchanging knowledge and expertise.

Three Former Ambassadors of Japan to Nepal, namely Mr. Mitsuaki Kojima, Mr. Masashi Ogawa and Mr. Tatsuo Mizuno visited Nepal this year. JAAN has facilitated the high level meeting between Mr. Kojima, who is also the President of Japan Nepal Society (JNS), Tokyo and Rt. Honorable Prime Minister of Nepal, Honorable Minister for Foreign Affairs and Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City. Mr. Kojima also visited JAAN’s community development project areas. JAAN Executive Committee Members met all three Former Japanese Ambassadors during their visit to Nepal and shared opinion for strengthening good relation between Nepal and Japan. These visits and meetings clearly indicate Japan’s priority for development of Nepal and trust to JAAN.

H. E. Masamichi Saigo was appointed as the New Ambassador of Japan to Nepal and Ms. Yumiko Asakuma as the New Chief Representative of JICA Nepal this year. JAAN has welcomed them and briefed about its activities. In addition, they have participated in JAAN’s various events and we are getting kind cooperation from both of them. Similarly, we have organized farewell program and provided appreciation letters to Mr. Masashi Ogawa, former Ambassador of Japan to Nepal and Mr. Jun Sakuma, Former Chief Representative, JICA Nepal for their excellent cooperation to JAAN during their stay in Nepal before their departure to Japan.

The JICA Alumni Association Forum of SAARC Countries (JAAFSC) Office Secretariat was shifted from Dhaka to Kathmandu and it is placed at JAAN CDC Building, Balkhu, Kathmandu. JAAFSC Annual Meeting was also conducted in JICA Nepal Office, Kathmandu and all the alumni associations in the Executive Committee of JAAFSC participated the meeting physcially and via video conferencing from their respective countries. The meeting has made several important decisions to move forward its activities in the days to come.

Recently, JAAN members unanimously elected me as the President of JAAN for the second term along with other members. I am also taking responsibility of the Secretary General of JAAFSC as well. The additional responsibility has encouraged me to work hard in the days to come.

I express my sincere gratitude to H. E. Masamichi Saigo, Ambassador of Japan to Nepal for his continuous kind support to JAAN and active participation in JAAN activities. Similarly, I am thankful to Ms. Yumiko Asakuma, Chief Representative, JICA Nepal for her kind support in our program and also thank her for the arrangement of JAAFSC meeting in JICA Nepal Office. I would like to thank all concerned officials of Embassy of Japan, JICA Nepal, government of Nepal and JAAN members for their kind support for conducting JAAN activities and sincerely expect the same in future. I would like to thank all seniors, past Executive Committees and all JAAN members for their kind efforts to JAAN. I hope that JAAN will get continuous support from all concerned in its activities for strengthening good relation between Nepal and Japan in the days to come.

I appreciate the efforts of Chief Editor, Editors, Advisory Committee Members and all article writers for their contribution to bring this publication in this form.

Dr. Ram Chandra Bhusal
JICA Alumni Association of Nepal (JAAN)