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President’s Message

It is a matter of great pleasure that regular annual issue- MILAN-2010 published by the JICA Alumni Association of Nepal (JAAN) is at people’s notice.

The publication is found to be a coincidence with the grand celebration of the 40th Anniversary of JICA Volunteers Programme in Nepal. The anniversary was enthusiastically celebrated for informing government and the people of Nepal about important contributions of JICA Volunteers Programme to various sectors of the development related to health, education, agriculture, cooperatives, rural development, infrastructural development, democratization and peace building, etc.

It is worth mentioned that the JICA Volunteers assigned in various areas of development of Nepal and its people are found to have been very much impressive as mentioned in some articles included in this publication. JAAN is very happy to congratulate all the JICA Volunteers on their valuable contributions made for the development of Nepal and its people and express good wishes for the success of JICA Volunteers Programme, even in the days to come.

The “MILAN” carries a number of articles which include the different development areas in which Japan has been making contributions to Nepal and its people through the support of over-all economic, social, cultural and technological development activities. It must be said that they are outmost important to familiarize the areas in which Japan is making a lot of contributions to the development of Nepal by way of human resource development.

JAAN, at present is being actively involved in the field of community development activities for making social services- free health check-up and general treatment of community members organizing health camp in ana around the Kathmandu Valley. Regular health examination of its members and the local community members in the JAAN building have been conducted with the support of Japanese Volunteer under the JICA Volunteer Programme.

Likewise, JAAN is very much thankful to the dedication of the Japanese Volunteers deputed to JAAN by JICA for promoting the methodology of Japanese language teaching through its Japanese Language Classes as well as the Japanese Culture by organizing the Japanese Cultural Event regularly in the JAAN Building. Japanese language classes and Japanese cultural events, conducted regularly by JAAN with the help of Japanese volunteer, have created the awareness about Japanese language and Japanese culture very impressive.

JAAN has also focused on promoting mutual understanding and friendship among the people of Japan and Nepal through their close and strong collaboration in the areas of mutual interest.

JAAN wishes to extend thanks to the writers for their valuable articles making it available to this publication, to the members who have also given encouragement to make it in public, and to its office staff who sincerely dedicated for its publication on time. JAAN is very much hopeful that the informative materials incorporated in this publication will make its readers interesting to strengthen Nepal-Japan co-operation and JICA-JAAN relation.

Dilli Ratna Shakya
JICA Alumni Association of Nepal